Buying A New Motorbike

Buying a motorbike should be a very exciting time. However, it’s important to know what to look out for when buying your new bike. You don’t want to get your new purchase home and realise it’s not in the condition you first thought.

At The Motorbike Financer, we have had more than our fair share of used motorbikes so we thought we would share these handy guides. For most people the most exciting bit of getting a new bike is getting down to the dealerships and have a look what’s around. As the internet is readily available to most people, we would always recommend doing some important research on the makes and models you are looking at buying and even on the dealerships itself.

Start your search online, as you can whittle through thousands of bikes in a couple of hours. As well as searching online, why not have a chat to your mates and fellow bikers to see what bikes they recommend, and what dealerships they have used in the past.

Great place to start online are AutoTrader Bikes and Motorcycle News these seem to be the best sites we have found, and both have great reputations. If searching isn’t your favourite part of buying a new bike then as a customer of ours we will happily help you search for your next bike. We have a network of approved dealerships we can speak to on your behalf and search for the best deals. Before you set your heart on a certain make and model, it’s probably worth checking out the other costs. Insurance, tax, running and maintenance costs etc. Once you’re happy, get out and see as many as you can. Don’t just settle for the first one.

Call the dealerships to make sure the bikes you are interested in are still available. Before you set off. We know from experience that stock lists online don’t tend to be updated too regularly. A quick phone call can save a wasted trip and can also provide you with some vital information. Why not ask a few questions regarding the bike history whilst you are on the phone to them.

  • How long have you had the bike in stock for? (If it’s a long time, why?)
  • How many owners has it had? (Good chance if it’s a lot of owners, they have been getting rid for a reason)
  • Does it have a service history? (It’s good to know if it’s been looked after)
  • Is the bike an import? (There are lots of imported bikes around)
  • Has the bike ever been in a crash or dropped? (What was the damage?)
  • Has the bike been modified in anyway? (Has someone stuck an illegal exhaust on it?)
  • Does the bike come with any warranty? (A good dealership will have faith in their stock, so should come with a good warranty)
  • Is the bike HPI clear? (If it’s in a reputable dealership, you can rest assured it’s probably fine. But it’s worth asking and getting a copy of the report)
  • Has the bike got all its correct documents with it? (If not, why not? No one should be selling a motorcycle without all its legal documents.)

Once you happy with the answers, arrange to get down at your earliest convenience, leave a contact number and ask the dealership to call you if the bike is sold before you get chance to see it. Believe it or not, this happens day in, day out. It’s worth giving the dealership another call on the day you’re going down before you set off just to double check.

Before you head down, it’s important to make sure you have the funds in place to pay for the bike. The dealership will probably ask how you intend on paying for the bike, and offer you finance.

We recommend getting your finance in place first, that way you can head to the dealership with the knowledge that everything is in place ready to go. We consider all applications regards of your personal circumstances, and we want to get you on your new bike as soon as possible.
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